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Boston MA

The Pinnacle East Annual Conference, a boutique approach to summer dance teacher conferences, is designed to help studio owners and their faculties build a strong recreational-community student base by implementing the Expectations For Dance® dance classroom approach to dance classroom education. Our inspiring two-day conference benefits all studio owners, teachers, program directors, and coaches in a positive limited attendee conference setting. At this conference we introduce the Vendor Dance PitchFest® Reception and Special Break-Out Sessions.


Now accepting vendor affiliates to sponsor and present at the conference break-out sessions and the present-sponsor the Dance PitchFest® Reception.


SYTYCT So You Think You Can Teach

Application to teach or present a new product at Pinnacle East 2021 or Our Fall-Winter Sessions

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Our company pays instructors a base salary PLUS an additional per individual attendee fee in our classes. 


What Can YOU Offer? What do YOU want to teach?

Affiliate Vendor Sessions

What Can You Offer Our Attendees? Make your business a benefit to them!


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10% Of All Proceeds T.I.E. VIRTUAL CONFERENCES Are Donated To Local Charities

In The Form Of Grocery Gift Cards For Vulnerable Food Anxiety Communities

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